Cloud computing

Cloud Computing decouples execution and data from the hardware.  In traditional designs, particular servers hosted particular data or services.    As the industry moved into Internet-scale computing, workloads exceeded the capacity of even the most powerful servers.   The Cloud Computing design was popularized by companies like Google, which instead of trying to cram ever more data onto ever more powerful machines,  decoupled from individual machines, distributed computation and data, across many machines and deployed fleets of commodity class servers.  The end result was a design approach called “Cloud Computing” that was able to meet the challenges of Internet-scale workloads. 


Verde Code has developed a variety of Cloud Computing solutions.   These include the design of real-time data feeds for delivery of leading economic indicators to trading systems around the world.


Other data-intensive applications developed by Verde Code was the expansion and porting of a sharded column store database for economic data which covered all publicly traded companies.  The database was used to provide valuation data for Investment Banking customers. 

Verde Code provides cloud computing development, deployment, and operations solutions.   We can design and build a new cloud base infrastructure that lets you scale up and scale down your hardware to match demand.  We can tune, optimize and maintain existing cloud systems.