Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has come out of the lab and the technology is being used today for everyday business goals.   Deployed AI system includes applications ranging from email spam filters, visions systems to do quality control, product recommendation systems and speech recognition.

Verde Code has experience developing a wide variety of AI technology.  Previous successful commercial projects include: 

A real-time control system was developed to drive software robots in a simulated physics-based world. 

Search and planning were implemented to provide navigation and planning. 

Operational planning and scheduling systems were developed.  We developed a video game planning system which deployed resources to achieve strategic goals.   

The Robotic planner was a factory material handling system to move material through work stations efficiently using robotic work stations integrated into a material processing station. 

Neural Network technology to do signal identification.  Neural Networks were used to identify sonar signal and classify patterns.  Other applications of neural networks developed were classification and prediction systems.

Vision systems were developed to detect certain objects in the scene.   A variety of image segmentation and analysis algorithms were used to create reliable detection systems. 

With our experience developing many different AI systems,  Verde Code can help you use AI to achieve your business goals.