Verde Code

Verde Code is a consulting group which provides services and software development  for cloud computing, artificial intelligence and GIS solutions.

We solve our customer’s technology problems. Our solutions range from revising and extending existing systems, to implementing a designed solution tailored for their needs.  

The benefits you will get by working with Verde Code are:

  • confidence that you will get good results from a team with a proven track record
  • rapid scale-up – bring a working team to bear on your immediate problems  
  • new perspective – we will provide a fresh set of eyes on your challenges when we consult
  • what you need, when you need it – extend and augment your existing organizations with hard-to-hire skills and knowledge only as you need them, only for as long as the project needs 

Areas of Focus

Cloud Computing
We provide cloud computing development, deployment, and operations solutions.   We can design and build a new cloud base infrastructure that lets you scale up and scale down your hardware to match demand.  We can tune, optimize, and maintain existing cloud systems.   Learn more about our Cloud Computing solutions

Artificial Intelligence
We can use the technology of AI to solve your problems.  There are a wide array of technologies and choices, and we can help you select the right tool from the toolbox or help improve an existing AI system.   Learn more about our Artificial Intelligence solutions

GIS and Mapping Solutions

Geographical Information Systems underpin essential applications such as real estate web sites, location-based advertising, and GPS aware applications.   We can help you implement location awareness into your applications and data services.  GIS and Mapping Solutions